Here are our Video Testimonials from our satisfied “Friends” from our property Investment, Financial Intelligence Training, SMSF Training, and as a service provider. WE provide only the best service and training that is available to us so that we can make you a better property investor will all the means and know how to be successful.

“Would I recommend Property Friends? I wouldn’t buy a property any other way”
– Storey

“We trust Property Friends, we trust Uwe and Ulla and the work that they do and the manner that they do it, we appreciate the Friendly and Professional services”
–  Dirk and Coney

“We’ve been extremely happy with the way that its worked and every investment that we’ve made through Ulla and Uwe has done exactly as it said it would do and they’ve all been successful and we’ve got a great deal of confidence in any recommendations we get.”
-Jonathan and Monica Dodwell

“I felt that I learned a lot when I talk to him (Uwe). He exposes me to new ideas that I obviously haven’t thought off. gives me a lot better range of information and along with knowledge actually to achieve the things I wanted to achieve”
-Steven Lloyd

“They manage the organization of the contracts, the organization of the builder, pretty much from the beginning of the process right to the end.”
– Dennis

“Property Friends have been fantastic, pretty much they take care of everything.  And we can be happy”

“I can’t recommend you guys hardly enough you guys are just awesome to dealwith it was such a simple and easy process to go through. Without the help I wouldn’t be able to make it as easy, Your knowledge and information and constant updates was just invaluable so thank you to everybody.”
– Chris Hayes

“Very happy with the process and extremely thankful for the opportunity to get involved with the group. It’s working our really well for us”
– Paul and Melissa

“With all the advice we’ve been able to get through Property Friends, we’ve certainly have the encouragement and the confidence to pursue our investment path and tackle another one.”
– Dion and Jacinta

“Everything has been really good for us. The profit margin or the couple has been sold, which is absolutely fantastic. I don’t think we have anything negative happened at all. ”
– Llewyn and Carol

“I’ve always been amazed at how much these guys actually know about the area that are living. Their research is second to none that they teach me quite a bit. If you’re thinking to deal with Property Friends in anyway, shape or form I can recomment to people their methods, and the results are first class”
– Henry

“Fair and smoothly, we’ve ended up with this great investment in Townsville. Thank you Property Friends”
– Steve and Brooke