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Uwe Jacobs Radio Interview with Mike Bennett from Logan FM 101

Our clients interest comes before our interest. – Uwe Jacobs

Running Time: 06:30 minutes

Mike: Welcome back to the show and Uwe Jacobs is here. Uwe first of all welcome along, before we introduce you as a property investment specialist, I have to talk about your other passion, which is flying drones and getting pictures, when did all that start?

Uwe: Thank you for having me Mike, well, when did that start, very recently. As many people, I took an entry into the market with a low and a hundred dollar drone. (Mike: Sure) Lost it. (Mike: What happens in there?) Much to the surprise of myself and others. And I connect the drone to my work which is property investment. And wanted to provide a better service to our clients, and heck, if I told people that it is a business tool, I can write it off context

Mike: And it’s always a good thing to do of us. So, property investment specialist, nowadays a lot of people that got maybe superannuation funds, sitting in the account making 4, 5, 6% interest is not good. You would always say, I’m guessing, to consider going into property, who would be your target audience, or say somebody had a 400-500 thousand dollars, superannuation funds, what would your target audience be, what kind of people would have that?

Uwe: My.. Great question thank you for that. It really comes down to horses or courses. Too many people start off with the idea of “I’ll just buy myself a property investment”. There’s really a lot things that we need to consider before going into property investment. Things like what’s the time frame that I want to invest?
Mike: Yeah, point is, if people got a short term, is they got a short-term gain. (Uwe: Correct) I’m guessing property is not a good investment.

Uwe: Yes. And it depends of what stages of life you’re at. If you are at let say, just for the case of an example, 70 years old, that 400-500 thousand dollars in yourself superannuation fund I would not invest in property.
Mike: So horses for causes, you say you wouldn’t invest at that age, why would you say that?

Uwe: Because property investment from our point of view, from our systems point of view, and it all gets bake to a system, is a long-term investment. At, forgive me, 70, having 400-500 thousand dollars in self superannuation fund, I think there’s better ways to invest the money. And I’m talking against my own profession here.
Mike: I admire your honesty for that.

Uwe: That all companies all about Mike.
Mike: So, clearly as a businessman as somebody who care, as passionately about your clients, you’ve got the capacity to turn around and say. “Okay, at the risk of losing a potential client, I’d rather be honest with you.” So, there’s a few of you about, that’s not many.

Uwe: I consider myself to be a dinosaur Mike, and dinosaurs are just about extinct, I’m happy to be one, our clients interest comes before our interest. You know people come and say to me, “If you were to describe your company with three words” I don’t think about that long and hard. Those three words are, Authentic, Community and Progress. (Mike: Interesting) This are three things that are really important to us.

Mike: So, that’s let’s just take another example of maybe somebody in their mid-50’s, for example they’re not ready to retire, so they’ve still good income going on, but a thinking “hey I’m not getting enough investment here, I’m not getting enough return on my savings, but let’s face it, the interest rate of my savings is not good.” What would you advise them to do, another part of the country that are better for investment and others?

Uwe: Thank you great question Mike.

Mike: I know I ask great question that’s what I do (Laughs)

Uwe: Absolutely, absolutely. The issue is, again we bring it down to basics. So, we’re talking about mid 50’s quite a job wants to keep on working. There’s great things that we can do with property investment. The next question would be, “What’s your class or situation looks like?” Because we find that too many people gets just killed on negative gearing.

Mike: Okay, so when you say that people that don’t know negative gearing, is when half’s the mortgage on a property is higher than the value of the resale. Is that how it works?

Uwe: Absolutely. You got it one. We call that feed–
Mike: Then not bad for a presenter.

Uwe: Ah, magnificent, we call that feed the dragon. You know when you got the stuff, hundred dollar notes, down the dragon’s throat?

Mike: I’ve got a mother in law like that once. I really do get it.

Uwe: No. We don’t want that. That’s feeding the dragonese.

Mike: So, basically, a lot of people ask a question, are they better of in Queensland to invest in,  perhaps an a apartment on the sea front, or maybe just a little bit in land 3 or four bedroom property, in your opinion, what would be a better investment in long term?

Uwe: Generally speaking, and again it depends on your risk profile. See too many people go into, this whole thing without thinking about it. Generally speaking, we like the old fashion house and land. As it is said in the books, Lord make no more land. This is the scarcity effect. This is where, the capital gain comes from.
Mike: So, it’s not the actual property itself. So, I guess as they say, size doesn’t matter of course it does, it’s the size of the block.

Uwe: It does indeed. Houses depreciate, Land appreciate.
Mike: So finally, just getting back to the question we cannot skip, Uwe. Different pockets of the country, I’m guessing will appreciate, at a great level. We all know about the metropolitan areas like Sydney Melbourne. What about the, if you sort of go further a field and again, I go back to Queensland. Are there any pockets you say “Yup, this is a good investment”?

Uwe: Bring it back to strategy, we believe in balance between rental income and capital growth. There are of course areas where there is more capital growth. Now, why are we investing Mike? Are we investing for capital growth, are we investing in rental yield? In our view, a balance between the two is great. Now the money is made on capital growth, and of course, you’re absolutely right, there are areas that grows faster, and with more certainty, because after all, let’s be honest about this, this is crystal ball gazing, we’re trying to predict the future. So, you can however do research, which makes the predictability very high of getting yourself into the right area. And so why not suggest solve up for the biggest success that you can have.

Mike: Absolutely, nobody can deny that. You has been absolute pleasure. I’d love to talk to you a little bit more but I know everything is a coffee break so we’ll leave it there, Thank you very much for being with us.

Uwe: Thank you very much for having me.

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