Unhealthy Distrust


 A “healthy distrust” can be a valuable personal trait to have.  It helps you keep clear of shonky deals and cons…..it acts like a safety mechanism. 

But if you’ve been feeling “stuck” in life… if you have more opinions about what’s wrong in the world than you have plans for changing your life for the better… then you have to ask yourself whether or not you are under the influence of an “unhealthy distrust.”

“Unhealthy distrust” can warp your judgement and result in you having a closed mind when it comes to new opportunities and adventures.  It is a very dangerous thing because it can turn you into a stagnating bore that becomes gripped by fear and indecision. Worse, it can prevent you from trying to achieve your goals and dreams.

This is especially true when it comes to real estate.

The profits that can be made in property investing can be so extraordinary that you might think it can’t be true.  We (Uwe and Ulla) used to think this way before we started actually learning about it and most importantly going out and doing it.

Intellectually, you might accept that you can buy a $400,000 property with just a small deposit to get in on the deal. You might also understand that if you buy the right property it could produce a healthy rental return to boost cash flow and eventually pay for itself.  You might even concede that some investors know how to buy at prices that are under market value.

You might know friends or family members who are successful property investor’s and you could even admit you’ve seen properties double in value in a few years.  You might even know someone who has joined with Property Friends to successfully build their personal wealth through property investing.

And you might put it all together and say, yes, on a single property YOU COULD —in theory at least—turn a few thousand dollars into over $100,000 in just a few years.

From there, you might even let yourself fantasize for a moment and say, what if you did that one or two or three times a year?  What kind of wealth could you build up?

BUT then the “unhealthy distrust” creeps in. Now you say to yourself…..

  • That’s just for a lucky few people.
  • Most people could never do that.
  • I certainly couldn’t. It’s not the right time.
  • It’s much safer to keep doing what I’m doing.  If I don’t try, I’ll never risk failure (or success for that matter – but never mind).

However, the fact is ordinary people do extraordinary things every day.

And nowhere is that more true than in real estate.

We see it all the time and we are very proud of the results our team members at Property Friends are achieving….it makes it so rewarding when we can work together as a group to help each other to achieve our goals…..and beyond.

(Bye the way – check out our testimonials on the website – I believe a number of the guys are stating just that – this is not a ONCE OFF!!! – go figure)

Whatever your age or stage of life, property has both the flexibility and the wealth-building power to deliver an earlier, more secure or more prosperous retirement.”


Do not to let your “healthy distrust” get taken over by your “unhealthy distrust”.

Property Friends is a specialist Property Investment Strategist that provides solutions for people aspiring to financial independence, choices in retirement, or leaving a legacy. www.propertyfriends.com.au (03) 9758 5331

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