I would like to thank you for the excellent work done in finding our positive geared property in Cairns. It was fantastic that you gave me the opportunity to come along and “shadow” you in your discussions with people, which provided a huge amount of insight to me.This process taught me so much and will enable me to create better deals for ourselves in the future.The property itself worked out positively geared from day one, YES, DAY ONE, thanks to the rental agent that you arranged for me. It is absolutely amazing to even contemplate settling a house and on the same day having a new tenant move in, at an even higher rent than forecasted. Literally income from day one – I have not seen this before – ever.It was great being able to pick up an absolute bargain, in an excellent location, with very minimum time input from myself, thanks to you. The extremely thorough research done by yourself and the contacts that you have gave me enormous confidence in making the best property investment decision I have ever made.Our positively geared property has already shot up in value by $12,000, and that is in two months!!!Finally, I want to let you know, I greatly appreciated the very positive way you kept us informed at all times. You have been able ensure we were totally relaxed and comfortable through the entire process. It provided so much peace of mind. Even more important was that you are clearly focused on building strong relationships with your clients. It is so refreshing to deal with someone who is committed to helping his clients to be successful. You are open, honest and have integrity. I really Love that! It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you. Be assured the next deal will be with you again. We can’t wait!

Paul Clarke,
Melbourne Vic

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Uwe Jacobs Property Strategist

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