I was working over seas at the time, and was looking into the real estate business, one of my work colleagues mentioned Property friends, and that he had been going through them and he had several properties now and still collecting new real estate, so he recommended Property friends to me.
So I did my home work and read a little about Uwe and the team, and then decided to call Uwe direct after being on the net, he was very professional and knew what he was talking about, very helpful in so many ways, any questions I’d ask he had the answers to.
So there was a project up in sunny Queensland that Uwe thought I might want to have a look into, he sent out all the information for me to have a look at and study, so again a little homework on my behalf and I was impressed with all the info and what the team had given me to read through, so my first investment was up in Bowen, I was amazed with total buying power and knowledge in the area as they would not only be on the net making sure everything was in place, they would also fly and inspect the property being built and a bonus photo shot of its development. With such a depth knowledge in the property game Property friends will be saving me thousands, i couldn’t believe it, that’s saving money so I could put it to other uses. They were so helpful and I’m looking for my next purchase, so I would have no issues recommending Property friends to anyone, thanks again to Uwe, Ulla and the team, for being so friendly and professional.


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Uwe Jacobs Property Strategist

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