Just a quick note to say “Weare ecstatic “. We have just had confirmation, that the two properties that you helped us to find, have risen in value by of approx. $30,000 EACH!!! WOW – we are blown away, as this increase has happened in only 7 months.That means we have increased our wealth by some $60,000, and that’s virtually without lifting a finger.The rental return is also exceeding our expectations by approx $15!We believe it is your expertise that has made this possible.How you find these deals, is absolutely amazing, but more, it is the way you go about it.It’s just great to be able to find someone that has his clients at foremost of his heart and someone we trust completely.You keep us informed about the next steps and have helped us to organize some extras at prices that are just out of the world.Just on the extras, we have saved in excess of $3,000, not even considering the capital gain, your services have more than paid for themselves.Another truly amazing result which enables us to increase our returns yet again.Your understanding of the market allows us to have a property that will be any tenant’s first choice, thus ensuring great tenancy.We both would like to thank you for your efforts – and the way you go about it. Just keep doing what you are doing – it’s great. Rest assured that we will be in the next round of purchases with you.Looking forward to a great success in the very near future, we are expressing our thanks.

Best regards
Leigh & Carolyn Wende

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Uwe Jacobs Property Strategist

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