We had no idea who Uwe was when we first met at a conference in early 2004. All we can remember was how helpful, friendly and supportive he was. Uwe even took the initiative to call us in 12 months to check up and see what we had done about investing in real estate. From there it just got better, with Uwe’s encouragement and sound knowledge of Real Estate Investing, we have gone on to purchase five properties in 18 months which has increased our wealth by over half a million dollars. By the time each property has reached settlement there has been at least$40,000 Capital Growth. The best ones are yet to come, with only $1000 deposit on a Put and Call Option, we have had $67,000 Capital Growth on the land alone plus $40,000 on each Building Contract.

Uwe helped us through the complete process from start to finish on each property and if there have been any problems he had them sorted as soon as possible. We are extremely busy in our own businesses and therefore, are unable to spend a lot of our time on searching for Real Estate Investing opportunities. We feel very confident using Uwe’s expertise and experience to help us build our Real Estate Investment Portfolio. The fact that Uwe invests his own money into the properties that he offers is also very re-assuring. We strongly recommend Uwe and his team at Property Friends to any serious Real Estate Investor. The Professionalism, Integrity and Dedication they offer is of high standard. They have shown us how to make money out of thin air and not to forget to have fun along the way!

Ivan & Julie Debreceny
PH: (02) 6550 4276

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Uwe Jacobs Property Strategist

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