I first contacted Uwe 18 months ago with a view of purchasing my first property ever. Uwe explained to me what he does with house and land packages and covered extensively on the research and information he considers for each project. Uwe was so intuited that I was interested but may not be ready to take the plunge with land and building contracts, he answered all my questions patiently and included his personal property portfolio for my reference then said I’ll talk to you in 6 months.

Lo and behold, 6 months down the track, I was on the phone with him again and we did our first property together. For a variety of personal reasons (sitting university exams, partner having emergency surgery 3 days before an overseas family Christmas holiday, moving interstate to name a few), things didn’t fall into place smoothly. I was ready to pull out and Uwe came through to secure a 2-week extension on the land settlement without penalty because of his fabulous relationship with the vendor and referral to a top conveyancer.

I made a trip to inspect the property half way through construction and was very impressed with the quality of the builder and their workmanship. Not only did I tap through Uwe’s group bargaining power to get great value out of the building contract, Uwe has also picked a fantastic builder who deliver quality in the middle of a construction boom. Talking of construction boom, the house took 5 months to finish from settlement when others are waiting at least 12 months to get theirs started and now I am part of a group to have our houses finished first on the block.

Thank you Uwe and Ulla for all the impromptu updates on my property through phonecalls and emails with photos during your trips. I love all the freebies in arranging stress-free final inspection, amazing ideas and value for money quotes to supersize the property to increase rental attractiveness, the pain-free market analysis of rental managers to help me save more time and money and make an informed choice, your service is top class.

This first property I did with Uwe has appreciated $152,000 in 10 months and is now returning 6.2% rental yield and I haven’t included the depreciation benefits yet. In just under a year, I am now a couple of weeks from the second property being completed and a third getting started to build, your system is fantastic and it’s like on auto pilot and this would not have been so worry free for me if not for your knowledge, experience and passion.

Thank you Uwe and Ulla in being such an incredible team on my path to a speedy retirement.

Dr Kittie Lai
Secret Harbour, WA
0417 245 790

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Uwe Jacobs Property Strategist

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