The 5 reasons why a good Property Strategist saves time and money

A number of people are not very skilled in property investment, simply because
unlike buying a pair of shoes, most of us rarely purchase an investment property. 

This is where a lot of money can be lost – or made.

A number of mistakes or shortcomings can not only dramatically diminish what could be a great property investment and return but can turn a dream into a nightmare. This is where a good property investment  strategist will ensure your success by covering off on a number of very important items:

  • Full understanding of the 3 crucial fact-finding questions of:
    “Where am I Now?”,
    “Where do I want to go with property investing?”,
    “What is the best way to get to property investment or to a property portfolio?”
    This starting point establishes the all important framework.
  • Strategic guidance in the development, clarification, and setting out of a personalized plan:.
    This is where the rubber meets the road.  Here is where the most important work is done, in the planning.  A well thought out action plan is the best insurance for a great result.
  • Property investment guidance:,
    It makes sense that this should be including the provision of training and opportunities.
    At it’s best,  other necessary ancillary services can be referred, such as strategic relationships/partnership referrals and this by the way, should be without any additional fees/commissions or kick backs.
  • Smorgasbord delivery model:
    One size does not fit all – a “piecemeal to silver service 5-star end to end full service delivery model” should be available to provide a choice of service just fitting to the individual needs of the investor.
  • Fee For Service separate to the property investment and providing a clear Return On Investment:
    The old saying is “You serve who pays you”, so we suggest that it makes for good business sense to avoid a clear conflict of interest where the agent or analyst is paid by the vendors. Besides – if you don’t have the fee for service separate to the property investment cost, how do you know how much you are paying and whether you are getting a return on your investment?
    A good property strategist should be making or saving you at the very least the amount of their service fee, thereby ensuring that the service pays for itself. 

It makes financial sense that a Property Strategists should be an intrinsic part of everyone’s plan.  Get specialized support, get not only someone that knows “the game” well, but moreover that can see through the smoke and mirrors, has your interest at heart and will optimize your outcomes.

A good partner like that can be your safety net in a shark-infested environment.  So ensure that they are a player on the field, not just a spectator that wants to rule the game from the sidelines…

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