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The Benefits Of Working With Property Friends™

The Property Friends system is a win-win-win-win. Property Friends investors win because they buy quality properties under market value by buying as a group at wholesale, not retail, prices. The developers of the land win because the Property Friends Team buys five or 10 blocks simultaneously which accelerates their subdivision. The builders of our properties win because they get several houses to build at once which boosts their bottom line and Ulla and I win because we gain a fee for service – and a new friend.

 Property Friends stay in touch with each other. Apart from the individual mentoring for all members, we have quarterly meetings where people in the team come together to hear about latest developments, new initiatives, movements in the market and learn from each other through shared experiences. We frequently host free webinars.

Be looked after by a friend in property investment.

Personal and Interactive Service

At Property Friends  it is all about understanding your needs.  Only then can we make suggestions about the right property investment for you.
We have provided a variety of options for you to get in touch.
Our primary focus is for us to enable a One-on-one (virtual) discussion. Book Here

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Our Approach

The main objective of Property Friends services is to be closely aligned to where you are at and where you want to go,  hence meeting YOUR specific situation and needs. nd strategic portfolio selection are interconnected.

Our 7 Step Success System provides for accurate, unbiased investment guidance, training and opportunity and mitigates risk.

Our range of services entail:  

Research Development – Our research and development program is one of our constant priorities to achieve up-to-date strategies and the best investment markets. Our goal is to offer properties to invest in for our “FRIENDS.”  

Guidance – Property Investment guidance is our area of focus. We are all about long term relationships and want you to succeed.  In an ideal world it is our intent to guide you into a multi-property strategy

Opportunities – We are able to offer you opportunities. They vary from the traditional House & Land opportunities to properties “with a twist.” These property investments include high cash flow NDIS-SDA, Duplex Properties, Opportunities with increased cash-flow and Opportunities with accelerated capital gain potential. 

Continuous support – At Property Friends, we have a long term focus and want you to succeed.  We are happy to pay it forward and invest into your future success.  Property Friends take pride in providing access to our strategic alliance partners at No CHARGE and to provide after-sales support.  

Mitigation of Risk – One of the best services we can offer is helping you reduce your investment risk. We assist building your Investment Portfolio in a diversified way. As you know, asset allocation and strategic portfolio selection are interconnected.

How it Works

Property Friends does not receive kickbacks or commissions. We have always been transparent with our clients.

We guarantee that we only charge the fee for the service that we agree upon upfront.   We do not accept any hidden commissions.

Your benefits by using Property Friends include:

  • Wholesale Buying Savings
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Maximised Rental Income and potential Capital Gains
  • Independent Research Results
  • Time Savings and access to our vast Experience.

Want to check out how these things work BEFORE you come up with an investment decision? 

Give us a call at (03) 9758 5331 or email us at info@propertyfriends.com.au. 

Property Friends is not a timeshare or co-buying scheme. You are the sole owner of your property. Thus, it means that you have full control.

We have always  invested primarily into new buildings and often new, yet strategic developments. This is to help you achieve a hassle free investment, with the benefits of a new building warranty and fewer maintenance calls and hence costs, compared to established properties.

The Property Friends system works. Our team ensures that we would provide in full the services that we have offered. 

We are minimising purchase risks and maximising returns on your investment.

Build your investment portfolio with us, be our friend, there’s no better time but to start NOW! 

Property Investment Strategy

“Been there, done that.” We have been developing and refining strategies for over 17 years.

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Our experience in handling and managing properties is the basis of how we can assist you. These strategies have been proven to help a lot of property investors, just check out our many testimonials here

We put emphasis on providing strategy discussions,  beginning with our “Discovery Calls,” continuing all the way, including at least once a year a portfolio review session to  to ensure that our investors are in the right place and are well equipped to make optimized decisions.

The yearly portfolio review session is also a bonus to our Champion Team Members and is included in this yearly membership program.

Buyers Advocacy

Life is busy, One Size does NOT fit all… You may have thought about using the services of our Buyers Advocacy?

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Still unsure how you can benefit from the services provided?

Would you prefer to have us as your buyer’s advocate right by your side, selecting the best package with you?

Do you prefer one-on-one assistance with an expert to achieve better outcomes? 

Then, it will be our pleasure to provide you with a bespoke and personalised service to better assist you in reaching your property investment goals –  fast, easy, and cost-effective. 

How to avail of this service? 

Book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL (for up to 30 minutes) to help you bring closer to your dream investment and a future of assurance. 


Property Friends

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The Inner Circle – Champion Team

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