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The Benefits Of Working With Property Friends™

Feel comfortable, live comfortably. Only properties that meet strict Property Friends and independent research requirements for maximised rental return and expected capital growth are offered to you for purchase.

Personal and Interactive Service

We encourage personal interaction. Here is a range of options to get in touch for a One on One (virtual) discussion: BOOK HERE


Our services are designed to serve one thing and one thing only:  YOU

Our 7 Step Success System provides accurate, unbiased investment guidance, support, and opportunity, and mitigates risk.

Our range of services entail:
* research, we constantly research the best investment markets matching our strategy
* guidance, there are many options for discussion
* opportunities; from the traditional House & Land opportunities to investments “with a twist”, such as high cash flow NDIS-SDA, Duplex Properties, Opportunities with increased cash-flow, Opportunities with accelerated capital gain potential
* ongoing and continued support
* and we assist in the mitigation of risk

How It Works

Property Friends do not receive kickbacks or commissions. Instead, you simply pay one transparent, the fee for service which covers a range of advantages including wholesale buying savings, premium build quality, maximised capital gains, independent research results, time savings, and experience. Find out how the fee pays for itself BEFORE your investment decision is made.

Property Friends is not a timeshare or co-buying scheme. You are the sole owner of your property. We primarily invest in new building developments. This means you have greater control of your investment, benefit from having a new building warranty, and have significantly fewer maintenance costs than established properties.

The Property Friends system works!!
The Property Friend’s team works with you to reduce your purchase risk, help you through the property investing maze and maximise the return on your investment. Start your investment property portfolio here.

Property Friends

Products and Offers

Looking to learn more about Property Investment? Looking for Resources? Check out our shop, where you will find Tools that will Save You Time and Money.


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