Tick Tock. What’s the time on the property clock?     

The property clock is a device that shows buyers, sellers and investors where the property market is at any time across Australia.  As all towns and cities are at different points in the clock, it’s hard for one clock to cover the entire country. However, it can be used within a defined territory and remains [...]

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5 Reasons Why The Tasmanian Hobart Property Market Will Continue To Grow

Some commentators are questioning the paradigme and are suggesting that the Hobart Property market is not in for growth in the next years, after having been the shining light for property investment in Australia for the last 3 years. Others are forecasting continued growth for at least the next 2 years.  Looking at some of [...]

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Property Strategies : Growth Vs Income Over Time

There is an age-old tug of war going on in the property investment world in regards to what is the best strategy when investing in property. There are generally only two schools of thought about the best way to build wealth through property. One favours properties that grow in value – capital growth, or high [...]

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Ensuring That Your Tenants Are Credible

More often than not, you hear about how to ensure that your landlord is trustworthy and credible. It is not very often that you hear about how to ensure that your tenant is trustworthy. And this is a big point for many landlords. You certainly do not want to have a tenant in your investment [...]

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Credit Easing -The Pendulum is swinging back!

The latest news from both the RBA as well as APRA is clearly indicating that the pendulum for the easing of lending is swinging back. After the RBA held the interest rate at the current 1.5% for now 33 months , since 3rd August 2016, it is clear that interest rate reductions are going to [...]

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What are your rights as a buyer when settlement is delayed?

One of the most important dates to be drawn into a property sales contract is the anticipated day the sellers are to vacate the premises and allow you to move into it or take possession as a landlord – otherwise known as settlement day. However, the process can sometimes throw errors, causing a delay to [...]

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Financing Your Future Through Holidays

Ever thought about renting out your investment property – or your home – for the holidays? It’s an increasingly popular option for investors looking to maximise the revenue from their property portfolio. Your Investment Property speaks to Stayz to discover more. Purchasing property to derive rental income is a long-established investment tradition for many Australians. But there [...]

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No doubt you have been aware of the increased focus on climate change and the extreme weather changes that are occurring all around the world. It seems a day doesn’t go by without a very tragic disaster being reported, resulting in loss of property and in many cases loss of life. Even in our own [...]

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RBA Interest Rate Cut? – Are You Kidding Me?

Nope, not kidding, just look at the recent situation in/around Australia: There is little doubt that the Australian real estate boom is over. Both Melbourne and Sydney markets are already on the decline. The volume builders are throwing deals on the table, which is a sure sign that they are experiencing declining order books and [...]

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Are you the Conductor of Your Own Destiny?

Maybe "Destiny" is a bit too full on for this time of day, conductor of your own life is a bit full on too. Maybe conductor of your coming year or the coming months is more appropriate. Whatever you find more palatable, the question is, are you in control? Not complete control because there is [...]

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