Financially Secure? Who me?

We all know there’s no such thing as job security. That’s why more Australian’s are looking at strategies that put them in charge of their financial destiny. There’s a number of investment options available. Many Australian’s are opting to purchase an investment property to increase their levels of financial security. We’re also seeing more and [...]

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How foreign investment in Australian property effects you

China’s cabinet recently imposed new controls on the nation’s shadow-banking industry, targeting off-the-books loans. The result? China faces a record drop in new credit levels which could lead to further foreign investment in the Australian Property Market. “Your Investment Property” magazine recently reported that Australia represents the perfect place for Chinese investors to obtain finance [...]

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Power in negotiation

An important part of purchasing any large item requires the skill of negotiation. Completely correctly, it can save you thousands. If not done correctly, can cost you money or even the sale as the seller may turn to another interested party. Negotiation is a highly skilled attribute. Many don’t like to negotiate as it can [...]

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LEVERAGE the power

Property investment is all about leverage. This means, making better use of available resources by joining forces. Here’s how we help people, like you, leverage more bang for their buck: Enhancing you purchasing power: When it comes to purchasing investment property – you can risk going it alone or enjoy the savings and security of [...]

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9 easy ways to reach your goals

We all feel unmotivated at times. Sometimes we get into such a slump that even thinking about making positive changes seems too difficult. All is not lost! In this article, we’re giving you some easy tips that can help get you on the road to positive change.  Don’t indulge in self-limiting thinking. Think empowering, expansive [...]

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If it ain’t broke, should you fix it?

With interest rates low, and house prices increasing – what is better – fixed or variable interest rates? Remember, Property Friends is not a financial advisor, so before you make a final decision on your mortgage, please speak with a registered mortgage broker or your finance advisor. In the meantime, due to the number of [...]

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The value of good design for developers

Don’t let bad design ruin more than your day. Today’s investors are increasingly seeing the value in good design. We’ve taken some tips from industry professional Scott Keck, [Chairman at Charter Keck Cramer] and added some of our own. What is good design? Good design provides for outcomes that function well, feel right, lasts the [...]

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Love a bargain? Really??

A cheap investment property might be attractive because of its price and its ability to give you instant equity, but what if it’s harder to attract tenants? What is its potential to grow in value? As with any investment, you must analyse the pros and cons of your decision. Many people look at certain investment [...]

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Hazardous advice for potential [and existing] property investors

Mention that you’re considering purchasing an investment property and it seems everyone has an opinion or piece of advice to give. We’ve compiled our 5 most popular pieces of advice you should ignore: Buy in one area only: A diversified approach will help to add stability to a portfolio – it will also mean you [...]

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Writing a plan – it’s easier than you think.

This article we’ve asked a guest contributor, Marketing Consultant, Dean Parker to provide an easy to understand framework to help you create a plan for your investment portfolio. All successful businesses create a plan. You should manage your existing [or potential] property portfolio as a business. For any business to succeed – it need a [...]

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