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Uwe Jacobs

Your Trusted Property Expert in Investment

Since 2003 Uwe Jacobs, the founding director of Property Friends AND author of several books, including  “The 7 Secrets of Highly Successful Property Investors”, has assisted over 330 clients with property investments in excess of $130,500,000 contract value.

His pride and joy is seeing his clients grow their wealth and improve their lifestyle through using the Property Friends systems and methods

His experience as a full-time property investor since 2003 and the Property Friends system has put many of his clients into a secure financial future, to an extent rarely achievable by most.

With 76% return clients, the Property Friends System has over and over been proven to be low risk, predictable, and more over can be duplicated, having already created several Net Assets Property Millionaires in the last 8 years.
His clientele extends from business owners and CEO’s to mum & dad investors, and all of them are raving about their experience and of amazing success.

The outstanding benefit for Property Friends Clients is that PF has a unique Benchmark for its selection of projects in as much that: “Only what would be good enough for Uwe & Ulla to put their own money into, is good enough to discuss with their clients.”

Property Expert

Available for Interview

There are a number of topics that Uwe is readily available to speak on:

  • How do I know when I am ready to start investing in property
  • 30 questions to ask your Property Investment Advisor
  • Growth or Yield, which one is more important
  • Leverage, is it good, bad or a necessary evil
  • The “must-have” mindset of a successful Property Investor
  • Financial Intelligence, what comes first in Property Investing

Arrange an Interview with Uwe by contacting him directly on Tel. 0400 417 043 or email uwe@propertyfriends.com.au

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Investing in property: The art of picking the right drivers for price growth​

If you’re looking to become a property investor, experts share what you need to know in the current market.

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In the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” the story emphasises the importance of paying yourself 10% of your income first.

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Do you know the difference between storm, rainwater and flood damage?

Ensuring That Your Tenants Are Credible

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What Does A Comfortable Retirement Look Like?

The age pension age is current 65½ following a rise from 65 is July 2017. It is set to increase further in stages to 67 by July 2023.

Property Strategies : Growth Vs Income Over Time

There is an age-old tug of war going on in the property investment world in regards to what is the best strategy when investing in property.

Why The Rollercoaster?

Each month we wait and hear if the Reserve Bank will increase, leave them unchanged, or decrease interest rates.

Laughing All The Way To The Bank

After dealing with so many investors – we thought we’d share some tips that we’ve found can help you pay off your mortgage faster, save big of dollars and beat the banks at their own game.

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