Uwe Jacobs – Property Friends Founder and President
Your Trusted Property Expert in Investment

In the last 13 years Uwe Jacobs, the founding director of Property Friends AND author of the book “The 7 Secrets of Highly Successful Property Investors”, has assisted over 327 clients with property investments in excess of $130,500,000 contract value.

His ultimate aim is to provide his clients with options towards their financial future through residential real estate investment.

His experience as a full-time property investor since 2003 and the Property Friends system has put many of his clients into a secure financial future, to an extent rarely achievable by most.

With 76% return clients, the Property Friends System has over and over been proven to be low risk, predictable, and more over can be duplicated, having already created three Net Assets Property Millionaires in the last 8 years.
His clientele extends from business owners and CEO’s to mum & dad investors, and all of them are raving about their experience and of amazing success.

The outstanding benefit for Property Friends Clients is that PF has a unique Benchmark for its selection of projects in as much that: “Only what would be good enough for Uwe & Ulla to put their own money into, is good enough to discuss with their clients.”

wheelchair FriendlyPutting the horse before for the cart – Property Friends design Wheel Chair friendly property….removing the need for retrofitting

Property Friends is building its first entirely wheel chair friendly designed house in Trinity Park/Cairns, removing the need and frustration of retrofitting homes for those who are wheelchair bound.

“After designing and building a large number of properties in the area, we felt it was high time that we provided for the Wheel Chair/Disabled Community”, said Uwe Jacobs, Director of Property Friends.

The house layout, completely customised, has specifically been designed on one level, without any steps, even the garage and patio are completely level with the reminder of the dwelling.

We have spend quite a bit to time and cost getting the design right and had several discussions with Ian Chill, Community Development Officer, Cairns Regional Council, who himself being in a wheel chair, gave us invaluable insights into how to optimize the dwelling for practical application. We have gone all out and even considered important issues such as low profile tracks versus sunken rails for the glass sliding doors.

“We find it amazing that there are grants/subsidies available for re-fitting of houses. I.e. re-work for a wheel chair bound person can be subsidised, but as a development we have been unable to find any subsidy or grants that we can access, to make it more affordable for this sector of the community.

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Get your financial house in order before investing

Get your financial house in order before you invest.

Many people are paying off Credit Card debt, however they also still want to invest in property. It would be very wise to get one’s own financial house in order before adding to the property portfolio.

Following are the three most impact suggestions that will assist you to get you financial health & sanity back.

1) Get your financial house in order & track your most important figures (at least monthly):

Getting your financial health back has to start with getting ones financial household in order. This involves budgeting, tracking expenses and best practise to SAVE 10% of your Gross Income, before one spends a cent. Now, don’t clamp up, it doesn’t have to be complicated, it is not that hard.

The tracking can be in very rudimentary forms such as a scrap book with pencil entries or a simple spreadsheet and ultimately ends up in a full blown Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. Hey – , if you want to be successful and in control of your finances, one has to treat it like a business…. – because it is a business… unless of course you want to treat your financial sanity as a hobby and remember, hobbies COST money, we are only talking about your sanity/your life here…so do treat it as your business!

A great idea also is to put a savings plan in place, ideally put 10% away into a completely separate account, which is allowed to grow until at least 3 months expenses are accumulated, 6 months is better. This serves as an emergency reserve – for “just in case” scenarios, such as illness, loss of income, or the like. Note that this is emergency fund and is NOT to be spend frivolously.
After that one is achieved, one saves to invest.

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Available for the Interview

There are a number of basic topics that I am readily available to speak on:

  • How do I know when I am ready to start investing into property
  • 30 questions to ask your Property Investment Advisor
  • Growth or Yield, which one is more important
  • Leverage, is it good, bad or a necessary evil
  • The “must have” mindset of a successful Property Investor