How to maximize your property investment

maximize property investment


Before considering a property deal, you should undertake extensive amounts of research and analysis. Independent research from a number of leading real estate analysts is considered. It’s best to personally inspect your desired purchase area. Take the time to look at key indicators including traffic flow, public transport, location of amenities including shops, healthcare and
education. This research will help, maximum your chance of successful property purchase.

Sounds exhausting! Agreed. 

However, from our experience, these are necessary steps. We’ve spoken to many potential property investors and many say they would like to purchase locally – so they can drive past and regularly check their property.

While driving past may make you feel warm and fuzzy – \buying locally for convenience/peace of mind could potentially cost you thousands of dollars each year.

Like any major strategy, the devil is in the detail. Unfortunately, many people simply so not have the time to research, fly over the country, review data on rental vacancies, price movements etc. That’s where Property Friends steps in. We do the work for you.

Your Property Friend fee is recuperated in a number of ways including:

 Group buying power benefits – Property Friends receive wholesale prices not offered to general public. Property Friends is regularly presented with the first choice of land in a development. This is invaluable to increasing equity plus maximising rental and resale returns.

 Long standing relationships with builders, developers, rental agents, solicitors etc. These professionals love working with Property Friends. They like the repeat business. This means, Property Friends receive exceptional service and quality. Your enquiries are prioritised and actioned.

 Ongoing support – We’ve been involved in hundreds of investment property builds and help you every step of the way. We continue to provide updates on rental conditions, market research and smarter ways to optimise your benefits.

 Increased capital growth: All research, access to premium land and builders that provide superior quality, means your investment into our services, is actually an investment that makes money for you.

 Peace of mind: With our detailed research, experience and exclusive buying power, you won’t second guess your decision.

Sometimes, it feels like a real maze out there. Economists saying one thing, real estate experts saying another and this month, even the trusty old Reserve Bank of Australia appear to have weighed into the speculation mix. Lucky for you, we spend every day sorting this data, adding our own research, to guide you through the investment property maze!

We’ve got a number of exciting new property deals in the pipeline. So if you’ve been considering starting or adding to your investment portfolio – now is the time to crunch the numbers.

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