LEVERAGE the power

Property investment is all about leverage. This means, making better use of available resources by joining forces.

Here’s how we help people, like you, leverage more bang for their buck:

Enhancing you purchasing power:

When it comes to purchasing investment property – you can risk going it alone or enjoy the savings and security of working in a team.

In a team you have the advantage of greater purchasing power. Think of this as if you were a

group of five friends that were looking to purchase the same car. If your group all went to the same car dealer – you would have group buying power. This means you have greater negotiation powers in relation to price, inclusion of additional extras and there will be more room for negotiation on conditions.

This is exactly the same principle that Property Friends can bring to the table.

Because of the purchase power of our group, we often get first choice of land in new developments. This means we are given the prime opportunity to select the best lots, and receive design optimisation with builders. All of this adds up to what we call MANUFACTURED EQUITY, which is where we can purchase land at reduced prices with better conditions. Many Property Friends have benefited from our purchasing power and have bought quality investment properties at lower than standard market prices.

Our buying power is the main reason we purchase into new estates / house and land packages. Builders and developers know we are a premium, regular buying group – so they offer us the best for less. This is something that is hard to achieve when you go it alone.

Better Service:

We’ve discovered how to get great service from builders, rental managers and quantity surveyors etc.  We purchase a significant number of properties from them.

Think about it – they’re not going to risk losing, say, 10 properties, because of sloppy service.

Because we continue to purchase regularly from our service providers, they LOVE working with us. This means they look after every Property Friends deal and give you their very best service.

Everyone WINS… we have what we call a 4-way win:

  1. The Developer wins because they can get a number of lots contracted
  2. The Builder wins as they can take advantage of efficiencies of completing a job lot
  3. You win. Wholesale buying power, premium land and our ongoing expertise.
  1. Property Friends win as we are presented with early access to new developments with wholesale buying power

Asset control:

With 5-20% of your own capital, you can gain control of 100% of an asset. This leads to a multiplication of resulting performance of your investment. In Summary, Leverage is where the power of property investment lies.

You can learn more about our approach to property advising here , or alternatively, feel free to get in touch and have an obligation-free chat about how Property Friends can help you.  

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