How Important Is Timing The Property Market


No doubt you have all heard about the economic clock and the various cycles different asset classes like shares, commodities, interest rates and property move through over periods of time.

We believe that macro and micro economic indicators and cycles do generally have some merit in regard to timing in investment property……but we don’t let these indicators, or the many and varied opinions of the so called experts in the press, dominate our decision making and wealth creation plan. 

We often get asked:

When is the best time to invest into property?

or alternatively we are told:

Now is not a good time to invest in property because of …..blah, blah, blah!!

How many people or friends do you know that you’ve heard say “I wouldn’t be going into property at the moment because interest rates look like they are going up” or “Now is not the right time for us to invest”.

Don’t you find these are the same people that in a few years time say “I would have made a fortune if I’d invested in property a few years back” or when they find out about their friends that did invest, they say “They were just lucky and fluked buying at the right time and have fallen on their feet”.

Everyone is different and we all have various things and challenges in our lives that we can use as justification for not pursuing our investment goals and dreams.

What holds us back?

Sometimes it just comes down to mindset……many people have a fear of taking on debt. This can overwhelm them psychologically, leading to paralysis of their decision making capabilities and subsequent procrastination.

Taking on debt (that’s good debt for appreciating assets), can be seen as a positive step towards our financial outlook and as a means for creating opportunities for our future.

So when is the right time to time to buy investment property?

Nobody really knows the answer to that. No one can predict the future, but we see it as a matter of affordability and cash flow.

If you can’t afford it, then don’t invest in property.

This is also one of the reason for our strategy of targeting Growth AND Rental Yield. It opens up the possibility of “Keeping going”, when others have long “hit the wall”.  A balanced approach, and of course the initial and upfront gains, are what makes our strategy work so well.

However, if you can afford it and have the cash flow to support your investment then why not do it…. 

  • Any day of the week,
  • Any month,
  • Any year


Get into ‘THE GAME’ to possibly create a marvelous opportunity for yourself and family to increase your net wealth and future lifestyle.

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