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Time poor? Unsure of where to begin? Do you think investing in Property is too hard or too risky? Relax, be comfortable.

Property Friends has helped hundreds of people just like you to achieve their goals. Property Friends provides solutions for people aspiring to financial independence, choices in retirement or leaving a legacy.

Through our 7 Step Success System, we provide accurate, unbiased investment guidance, support and opportunity and mitigate risk.

Here’s how easy it is to begin or expand your investment property portfolio:


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No Fees – No Strings Attached

You ask your burning questions and we will discusst current property trends and explain how the Property Friends 7 Step Success System can assist you . You will also receive our important property updates and documents which feature very valuable investment property information including hints on maximising your property investment.



Property Friends hold regular webinars where leading property investors from around Australia participate and provide valuable input. As a Property Friends member, you will be invited to webinars as well as having access to our library of completed webinars. Each month, we release industry news and property updates to our dedicated list of subscribers. You’ll also have the opportunity to regularly meet and network with some of Australia’s leading property investors.


Evaluate & Discuss

It’s important to understand what is happening in the Real Estate markets before you purchase a property and with our assistance this is simplified. To ensure you feel comfortable with your options, we will enable you to “do your own due diligence”. Once you are clear on the best strategy for you, we help you to look at investment options. We discuss our findings and provide solutions, so you can understand what choices are in fact fulfilling your goals!

Property Friends will show you property developments in our identified hot spots. We will also fully explain the savings benefits of purchasing your investment property through Property Friends. When a property comes up that meets your requirements, you will then be in the best position to confidently make decisions.

We freely assist in supporting your property until settlement, this means we give you progress updates, suggest a network of preferred Strategic Alliance Parners eg: Developers, Builders, Building Inspectors, Rental Agents, Quantity Surveyors etc., etc.

If you have established contacts – please use them. Property Friends do not receive any commissions EVER from any professional. This means you’re free to use whoever you prefer, or you can select from our list of our Strategic Alliance Partners (SAP’s)  that have been carefully selected.



Some investors may need to clarify and finalise their finance. Whilst Property Friends does not provide financial advice, we can assist you by referring you to trusted service providers. They will discuss the different finance options available including mortgages, applying proven strategies, using for example the equity in your current house or even your superannuation to your fullest advantage .

Step 05

Customize Your Portfolio

You understand the benefits of the chosen development and are ready to purchase. Property Friends assist youwith the complete details of the property selected by you. This includes all information about your investment including land and house design, estate drawings, salient figures and time frames. All contract details are presented in an easy to read format.


Voluntary after sales support

Property Friends stays with you to help you with a range of post-settlement activities. Our Voluntary after-sales support covers the major areas that help a successful landlord to maximise their investment with minimal effort.

This may cover a range of topics regarding

  • The costs and benefits of using a property agent vs going alone,
  • Inspections, when, how, by whom
  • Tips for tenanting,
  • Insurance information
  • General ideas about tax implications/deductions for your investment property- including Depreciation
  • Updates, photos and videos of your Property or  the area you invested in

Property Friends also continues to offer you the services of independent [remember – no kick-backs] professionals (our SAP’s) – saving you time, money and reducing your purchase risk!

We want you to be confident, comfortable and ready to become Australia’s next successful property investor, with the knowledge that Property Friends is standing by to support you.

Step 07

Check Measures

Are we still in line with the big, hairy, audacious goal?

Book a discovery call


Looking to understand the world of property investments better? We can help!

Uwe Jacobs Property Strategist

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