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Case Studies

Diversification is the best way to mitigate risk. Property Friends is an advocate of diversification, which is why the selected locations are planned and  selected strategically to invest around Australia. Our case studies will help you walk through our process.

We, at Property Friends, make sure that our process involves proper education as to which locations throughout Australia are the best locations, which property types are best to invest in to have ownership.

Investment is all about the numbers. However, it must suit your needs, security, and situation. A significant part of the investment process is looking for the right investment property and listening to your own story. We can then take stock and develop actionable strategies to help you find the right investment and location.

We always promote safe property real estate investing for a safer financial future.

Below are our property investment case studies to showcase the projects/investments that we have achieved over time by using the well-thought-out investment strategy we have advocated.

Analysis of each of the property investments is available upon request.

You can send us a direct email to:

Use our case studies to know how buying an investment property can help you with more cash flow, capital gain, and taking the next step of your property ladder.

Past Projects


We put high emphasis on quality and functionality by optimizing where spending funds. We base real estate investments on high-quality and high functionality properties, which bring results and greater returns in the long run.

The diversity and longevity of the investment property are paramount. Investment locations are closely targeted and customized to produce maximum rentability and future capital gains.

The photo is a the Queensland property.


Victoria is a diversified landscape and can be challenging. The reason behind this is that Melbourne’s high dominance. Melbourne’s rental properties typically have a lower rental yield.

Thus, successful investing in Victoria may seem like a challenge. Nonetheless, Property Friends is proud to showcase a number of projects done on this location:

• Houses in Hillside
• Homes in Mt. Martha
• Houses in Coburg


Our strategy is to target a median specification and fit-out, then raise it slightly above that. This ensures that our properties are above average, thereby being more desirable for tenants

The functionality of the design is paramount.
More photos of the interior can be seen in the below case studies.

Western Australia

Western Australia has been one of our very successful locations. Diversity of elevation and street appeal is significant.

Our primary focus is on street appeals. This way, not only do we improve our investment, but we can contribute to the success of the entire development.

Quality product is our utmost concern. Ultimately these home provide a worry free investment with more capital gain potential, since “we don’t cut corners.”

Property investment is all about the right location, proper orientation to the local climate conditions, the appropriate level of fitout and correct specification.

Northern Territory

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

Our property investments are optimized and designed specific to the locations and territories. The goal is to  ensure that everything fits correctly into the local conditions, environment and market place.

We ensure consideration is given as to how everything works together, from how the sun rises to when the sun sets. Every property design is unique from one location to another. The Northern Territory is vastly different from how Victorian houses are designed. There are distinct requirements and specifications per area.

Many of our clients have shown immense gratitude that they have chosen Property Friends to support their investing.  Ultimately it is about much greater things. Most people approach us because they are aspiring to financial independence, choices in retirement or leaving a legacy.  All of which is certainly possible by employing the correct system.

See an EXAMPLE of a recently completed properties HERE


Project Gallery

We take pride in presenting these investment galleries that we have build and invested in over time.


What our clients say about us, their feedback

We love using Uwe’s service as it means he does all the hard work, the research, house design, the negotiating, the setting up of the contract…..everything!

- Ed & Ellen Austin-Woods, NSW

Not only did you deliver on your promises –you exceeded my expectations and over-delivered. I would recommend Property Friends to others… it was a great experience.

-Peter Cramp

A big thank you to you all!!!! What a fantastic experience it has been purchasing and building investment properties through Property Friends.

- Evette & Dale Anderson, VIC

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