Are you the Conductor of Your Own Destiny?

Maybe “Destiny” is a bit too full on for this time of day, conductor of your own life is a bit full on too. Maybe conductor of your coming year or the coming months is more appropriate. Whatever you find more palatable, the question is, are you in control? Not complete control because there is so much that happens that is outside your control that happens that you have to deal with. Ok, I have worked it out. Here it is. Are you willing to take responsibility for the actions that need to be taken to get the results you are after? This is more than simply saying to yourself, “Yes of course!”
  • It is continually stepping up and being willing to make tough decisions and uncomfortable actions.
  • It is exerting your influence on others (both subtly and blatantly) to get the outcomes you are working towards.
  • It is training other people to do the jobs they should know how to do themselves anyway but doing it in a patient and caring manner.
  • It is being willing to put your hand up even when you don’t want to because you know it’s needed.
  • It is stepping outside your own desires and looking at what is best for the team and taking the appropriate action.
  • It is being willing to make a fool of yourself and not caring what others think.
  • It is putting suggestions forward and when they are knocked back, going with the group consensus anyway.
  • It is getting there early when you would rather stay in bed. It is going above and beyond to make sure the entire experience is great for everyone and not just you.
  • It is asking the hard questions to those who don’t always like it.
  • It is having fun when things are getting a bit too serious.
  • It is tapping in to the synergy of everyone in the room and making sure everyone knows the part they play.
  • It is taking a little more than your fair share of the blame and a little less than your fair share of the credit.
  • It is doing what you don’t want to do when you know it has to be done.
  • It is shining the light on those that deserve it.
  • It is keeping things running on time and on budget even though that can sometimes hurt.
  • It is picking yourself up, cracking a joke and then continuing to move forward when things don’t work out.
  • It is counting on the team around you and letting go of the control.
  • It is passing on the baton and training your own replacement (even though you love your job).
  • It is leaving when it’s time.
Spider Man’s Uncle Ben said to him. “With great power comes great responsibility.” I find the reverse is true also. “With Great Responsibility comes Great Power.” The more willing you are to take responsibility for a situation, a position, a life, the more power you have over it and the Conductor is the most powerful person in the entire orchestra. Are you ready for Great Power? Are you ready to be the Conductor of your own Destiny? This article is written by Warwick Merry CSP Property Friends is a specialist Property Investment Advocacy that has been operating for the last 13 years on the basis of 3 principles: Trust, Community & Progress. www.propertyfriends.com.au (03) 9758 5331

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