Are you Comfortable?

Are you Comfortable_

To successfully invest in property, [both short term and long term] you need to be comfortable with your choices. This means, if a property leaves you with a sense of uneasiness or you find you’re having trouble sleeping at night, then the deal is not for you! Knowing the boundaries of your personal comfort zone makes it easier to maintain a property portfolio that contains only suitable properties that will work best for you.

How do you find and establish these properties? 

How can your property portfolio help you lead a more comfortable life and retirement?

Why should I be comfortable?

Establishing a comfort zone is particularly important for a number of reasons:

  • An uncomfortable investor may allow emotions to take control of their decisions.
  • If you become too complacent, you may ignore risk.
  • Determining a comfort zone helps you avoid borderline investments that can turn out poorly.
  • You won’t be forced to make difficult decisions while under pressure. Being comfortable with
    your options and decisions means that high pressure situations should occur rarely.

Settling into your comfort zone

Being in your “comfort zone” means owning an investment portfolio that contains suitable, well researched and understandable holdings. This does not only apply to property, but also to other investment options you may have including shares.

Now’s the time to review your investments and decide whether the reasons that you bought them still apply. Have your circumstances changes? If you have stocks and shares, are they providing you with adequate returns? For the shares that don’t make the cut, it may be time to sell them and invest this money where it has a greater chance of providing a return to you.

If you already have some property investments working well for you – here’s a great opportunity to feel more comfortable and grow your property portfolio.

The way you decide to invest in the market will determine your comfort zone. If short term investors purchase in the right areas, they can make returns quickly. Some Property Friends short term investors have made $75,000 within 12 months – simply because they used our research, knowledge and buying power to secure a great deal Long term investors can help improve their comfort levels by receiving higher than average income returns and increased capital yields. This means, they continue to receive weekly rent as an income [or addition to their existing income]. They are comfortable in the knowledge they have a large asset [their investment property] that can be used in a number of ways to pay for things they may not have been  previously able to afford.

What would you prefer? Live comfortably now? Live comfortably in retirement? Or both? Property Friends reduces your risk of property investment. We help you live comfortably now by ensuring you understand why you’re investing wisely. We help you live comfortably later as your property investment provides financial returns which help you maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

It’s important to invest or purchase property so that you are comfortable with the nature of your decision. This is especially true when it comes to understanding both risk and reward. Once you find your comfort zone, staying within it will help you make better investment decisions – and live comfortably – in more ways than you could imagine.

Now’s the time to get comfortable. There’s a lot going on in the property world. Property Friends has the experience, success stories and team that help you reduce the risk with property investment and help you to “Invest Comfortably”.


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