Uwe Jacobs
Uwe JacobsFounding Director
Uwe Jacobs has worked in the corporate world for over 25 years. His area of expertise is financial control, contract law and project management. He is a fully licensed real estate principal and holds licenses in Queensland and Victoria and has Financial Planning Certification. Uwe is also a proud father of two much loved daughters.

If you want to learn more about real estate property investments. call him now at (03) 9758 5331 or simply send an email to info@propertyfriends.com.au

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Ulla Jacobs
Ulla JacobsAdmin & Accounts
Ulla has a background in administration and is an integral part of the family business. She somehow balances her waking hours being a marvelous loving mother to the two girls, managing all the household duties, balancing the accounts and of course her commitment to Property Friends™.
Her efforts in Marketing and Sales are unsurpassed. Together they have been successful in acquiring in excess of 10 investment properties in just 4 years (located in VIC, QLD and WA), and went on from there, using their own strategy. The properties have increasing rapidly in capital growth and have the benefit of being positively geared.
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The Property Friends Team of Uwe and Ulla Jacobs have been helping people achieve their dreams of financial freedom with property investment for 13 years. Their knowledge of Real Estate and being able to acquire the best land within the new developments at the most reasonable prices are what set Property Friends above the rest for financial investment property and financial Freedom. Uwe and Ulla run their business on the philosophy that “If it’s not good enough for them, it’s not good enough for you!!!”. Land in new developments is usually offered to us first because of our outstanding reputation with local developers and builders, because they know what Property Friends says is what we do.

With over 1,000+ Friends and counting, Property Friends is the most complete and trusted strategic team in the market.