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Since 2003, it is the service to our Property Friends which has allowed us to become one of the premier Property Investment Strategists  that people search out when they are just starting or want to invest in more properties.
Investing in properties has become increasingly popular over years. Although the real estate market has plenty of opportunities for making big gains, buying and owning real estate is a lot more complicated than what most think.

That is where Property Friends comes into its own to support you

Perhaps the biggest difference between other investments is the amount of time and work you have to invest to aquire and maintain your asset.

Property Friends will provide you with options for your financial success, with above average Capital Gain and  Rental Yield potential and at the same time we assist to mitigate risk.
We are right on your side, to give you the benefit of tapping into over 17 years of experience

What Our Clients say:

The Proof is in the Numbers

"Our lovely new house was rented a week after settlement, and can you believe it, we’re getting $20pw more rent than forecasted. It almost pays for itself… along with a $40K capital gain. I cannot thank, or recommend Uwe and Ulla enough for their fan-bloomin-tastic work"."

Robert and Belinda Benjamin, ACT

"We have just had confirmation, that the two properties that you helped us to find, have risen in value by of approx. $30,000 EACH!!! WOW – we are blown away, as this increase has happened in only 7 months."

Leigh & Carolyn Wende, VIC

"Uwe is no stranger. He has built a reputation. He has built a track record, and he has built a dedicated group of lucky people who he has helped make money in the past so we can now introduce him as a trusted friend rather than a stranger."

Wayne Hughes, NSW


Our Past Projects

We place great emphasize on Quality & Functionality – spending funds only on what really serves the investment. Functionality and longevity of the investment is paramount. Our investments are strictly targeted and customized to the location, which in turn is optimized to provide maximum rentability and long term capital gain.

Our Team

Your Experts In Real Estate Investments

The Property Friends Team of Uwe and Ulla Jacobs have been helping people achieve their dreams of financial freedom with property investment since 2003. Their knowledge of Real Estate and being able to acquire the best land within the new developments, at the most reasonable prices, are what set Property Friends apart from the rest. Uwe and Ulla run their business on the philosophy that “If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you!!!”. Land in new developments is usually offered to us first because of our leverage and outstanding reputation with local developers and builders.
They know what we do as we say and we say as we do!


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