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Credit Easing -The Pendulum is swinging back!

The latest news from both the RBA as well as APRA is clearly indicating that the pendulum for the easing of lending is swinging back. After the RBA held the interest rate at the current 1.5% for now 33 months , since 3rd August 2016, it is clear that interest rate reductions are going to [...]

2019-08-02T03:33:02+00:00May 23rd, 2019|Property Investment|

What are your rights as a buyer when settlement is delayed?

One of the most important dates to be drawn into a property sales contract is the anticipated day the sellers are to vacate the premises and allow you to move into it or take possession as a landlord – otherwise known as settlement day. However, the process can sometimes throw errors, causing a delay to [...]

2019-08-01T12:28:25+00:00May 5th, 2019|Property Investment|