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What We Do at Property Friends™ & The Benefits Of Working With Us

  • Feel comfortable, live comfortably. Only properties that meet strict Property Friends and independent research requirements for maximised rental return and expected capital growth are offered to you for purchase.
  • Prime locations to select – before they are offered to the general public.
  • Property Friends does not receive kick-backs or commissions FROM ANYONE. We simply work on a fixed fee basis that we invoice separately to you, so you know exactly what we are being paid.
  • Property Friends is not a time share or co-buying scheme. We keep things Super Simple – One Property = One Ownership
  • We Have The Best Experience Around. We have been successfully assisting Our Clients since 2003 and with a Client Return Rate of 76%, You not only benefit from the Experience but also the Proof that the Property Friends SYSTEM works.

7 Mistakes to Avoid in Property Investing

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We have a very simple benchmark

If a property is not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you.

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Our Happy Clients

Our clients interest comes before our interest. – Uwe Jacobs

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