We provide solutions for people aspiring to financial independence, choices in retirement or leaving a legacy.

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Creating Investment Strategy
– With You, That Works For You!

How do we do that?

Through our 7- Step Success System, we provide accurate and unbiased investment guidance, training and opportunity and mitigate risk.

This system guides you to help obtain an accurate step-by-step investment property process.

Our pride and joy is seeing our clients grow their wealth and improving their livestyle, making sure that everything is structured correctly from the start.

Each opportunity and risk mitigation is tailored to your unique needs and paves the roadmap for your success.

Property Investment Strategy

Building wealth through a Smart Property Investment Strategy

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Property Friends specialises in providing solutions for people aspiring to financial independence, choices in retirement or leaving a legacy

House and Land Packages

Better, safer, profitable investments

We help you to identify your current position and pinpoint your desired outcome

Then we develop the right strategy that works to deliver your solution.

Our 7 Step Success System provides for accurate, unbiased investment guidance, training and opportunity and mitigates risk.

Sustainable NDIS SDA Property Investment

Property Friends is proud to introduce their NDIS SDA homes.

Investors and tenants can simultaneously achieve a win-win situation.

The properties are specifically designed and built for a Person With Disability (PWD), helping them to live in a community that doesn’t hold barriers but rather provides for a significant opportunity for eligible PWD/participants/tenants to reside in fantastic lifestyle areas.

The investor can invest in a high income property with tremendous capital growth potential and at the same time providing a service to the community.

The goal of financial security is one of “Mazlow’s Hirachy of Needs” earliest desires.  Our proven system asssits our clients through the intricacies of investing in a safe and successful manner

"We've been extremely happy with the way that its worked and every investment that we've made through Ulla and Uwe has done exactly as it said it would do and they've all been successful and we've got a great deal of confidence in any recommendations we get."

Jonathan and Monica Dodwell,
Warrnambool, VIC

"We trust Property Friends, we trust Uwe and Ulla and the work that they do and the manner that they do it, we appreciate the Friendly and Professional services."

Dirk and Connie Janssen
Surrey Hills, VIC

“Your expertise and market knowledge was top notch. We were able to get set in a property that picked up $25,000 of capital gain less than six months – an outstanding result in any one’s book.”


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Are you aspiring to financial independence, choices in retirement or leaving a legacy?

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