What We Do at Property Friends™ & The Benefits Of Working With Us

  • Feel comfortable, live comfortably. Only properties that meet strict Property Friends and independent research requirements for maximised rental return and expected capital growth are offered to you for purchase.
  • Prime locations to select – before they are offered to the general public.
  • Property Friends does not receive kick-backs or commissions FROM ANYONE. We simply work on a fixed fee basis that we invoice separately to you, so you know exactly what we are being paid.
  • Property Friends is not a time share or co-buying scheme. We keep things Super Simple – One Property = One Ownership
  • Allow yourself to be supported by the best in the field. Since 2003, Property Friends clients are benefiting from the many years of expertise that Uwe and Ulla are applying to their own property investments.

  • The proof is in the pudding – a client return rate of 76% is most unusual in the industry, which simply demonstrates that you not only can benefit from the experience, but also clearly demonstrates that the Property Friends System works.


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